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Our workforce is as diverse as the many varieties of instant ramen in our break room. We don't just tolerate, but celebrate the differences in avatar choice, background in meme culture, and the wild spectrum of office chair spinning techniques. We enthusiastically champion inclusivity in behaviors across our company - from sharing the last pizza slice to contributing to the ‘who used my mug?’ investigation. In fact, we're currently fundraising for a revolutionary new cause: to diversify our supply of office pens, because we believe in a world where blue and black can coexist harmoniously in the same pen cup.

If you have any questions, send us an email at careers@404finance.com.

Open Positions

Chief Meme Officer

Executive Office Chair Tester

Senior Vice President of Coffee Quality Assurance

Chief Coin Flip Decision-Maker

Head of Inspirational Office Posters

Director of Afternoon Nap Strategy

Assistant to the Janitor of the CEO

Social Distancing Coordinator

Junior Executive Bathroom Queue Manager

First Responder for Office Plant Watering

Director of Turning Things Off and On Again

Office Ping Pong Ball Recovery Specialist

Director of Office Refrigerator Odor Investigations

Indoor Sunshine Regulator (aka Blinds Manager)

Chief Officer of Stapler Misuse Prevention

Entry-level Pizza Slice Distribution Analyst

Senior Manager of Awkward Small Talk

Executive in Charge of Leftovers

Director of Office Dog Petting Strategy

Vice President of Office Plant Photosynthesis

Executive Chair of Lost Pen Retrieval

Chief Lunch Thief Interrogator

Director of Tidying Up After Yourself, Seriously

Office Temperature Thermostat Regulator

Head of Stapler Recovery and Restoration

Senior Executive in Charge of Silencing Keyboard Clatter

Chief of Walking into Spider Webs

Director of Microwave Timing and Efficiency

Secretary of Selective Hearing

Professional Lunch Break Timekeeper

Executive Director of Whiteboard Marker Color Coordination

Chief Email Reminder Composer

Head of Faux Pas Reconciliation

CEO (Coffee Energy Optimizer)

Professional Conference Call Mute Button Investigator

Director of Unclaimed Tupperware

Assistant Director for Locating That One Document

Chief Officer of Elevator Etiquette

Head of Office Supply Hide-and-Seek

Vice President of Maintaining the Illusion of Productivity

Manager of Paperclip Sculptures

Official Office Cake Taste Tester

Executive in Charge of Secret Santa Draw

Chief Officer of Motivational E-mail Sign-offs

Director of Avoiding Eye Contact in the Hallway

Head of Cubicle Feng Shui

Chief Monitor Brightness Adjuster

Senior Manager of Office Karaoke Playlist

Director of Deciding Where to Order Lunch From

Assistant to the Director of Not-So-Secret Office Gossip

Please send your Curriculum Vitae and cover letter to careers@404finance.com.